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Lear in the Kitchen

Betrayal, a series of misunderstandings, a lot of intrigue, a visible lust for power, a lot of bloodshed and an unhappy ending... A Shakespearean tragedy that also includes its own comedy, King Lear. This classic work is on a kitchen counter; What kind of a play and meal would come out if it were staged with kitchen equipment? Kadro Pa, who previously blended object theater and storytelling in his plays Macbeth in the Kitchen and turned the play into a meal, this time will cook "a tragedy dish with betrayal sauce".


Written by: William Shakespeare

Directed by: Kubilay Karslıoğlu

Adapted and Starred by: Simge Günsan 

Stage Design: Şirin Dağtekin Yenen 

Music: Mehmet Can Ağlaç, Kerem Keskin 

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